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Surviving a pandemic. The case to grow your own food at home.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

While the coronavirus pandemic has taken hundred's of thousands of lives, the mortality rate of between 1% & 2% was not high enough to cause a systemic collapse of industrial food production and distribution. Check out this page on wikipedia where COVID-19 stacks up against the other major disease and viral infections that world has seen. Not IF but WHEN society is challenged with a new air-born or mutate virus, what will we do when the mortality rate is over 5%? Ebola's mortality rate was 50% or higher but we were lucky that the virus did not spread prior to displaying symptoms. What if we were faced with a virus that spread as easily as COVID-19 but had a mortality rate of 50% or more?


Shopping to get our food safely from the grocery store or even delivered will be a serious or even deadly challenge. Even for those that are well prepared with stored food and bunkers in readiness for the next pandemic, are they storing enough to survive several years of a pandemic until a vaccine is created? The average vaccine takes 2 years to be mass produced and 10 years to perfect at a rate that provides the community with immunity. The new mRNA vaccines broke those records but still, do you have years of food stored in your basement? Let's face it, we thought governments had a plan but it's clear they have done little to nothing to mitigate or control an outbreak. The average person couldn't even buy basic official PPE masks for months.

During COVID-19, the general public were quick to fatigue when asked to wear PPE and even the divide on scientific facts shows how to be irresponsible society can be during a life threatening pandemic. If the mortality rate increases, can we can expect to live through more catastrophic pandemics than COVID-19? Growing your own food at home may be the only viable solution to protect yourself and your family. Perhaps every home should be equipped with the resources to grow food to nurture and harvest plants at home.

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